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Utah organizations use document scanning to convert papers into digital documents. Once it is in a digital format, documents are much easier to manage. If a document is needed, it is available with a basic computer query. Access to any document can be modified to individual employees. This puts any document on a need-to-know basis. Usage should be controlled to eliminate workers from taking the private information of employees and customers. Each paper record has a lifespan and an electronic document management system will automatically eliminate unnecessary records.

The first step is to work on a record management policy. Codify how long to store each type of document then calculate who needs access to each one. Your plan needs to be distributed to each employee.

Salt Lake City document scanning services will help you go digitalSecond, it is time to destroy all of the unwanted records. Have anyone who maintains official records clean out documents that should be destroyed. Also, distribute shredding containers around your organization. Have workers go through their personal files with the company document management policy and destroy everything past its requirements. There is no need to scan documents that are not important to the business.

The third step is to determine what documents will be accessed going forward. If it will never be needed again, then just keeping the original document is the superior option. What remains after this process is what you should scan.

Finally, it is time for the actual scanning. You can acquire scanners and give the work to an employee, or you can hire a Salt Lake City scanning service. If you have a box or two then assigning an employee will work. But as you increase the number of documents, this will overwhelm your equipment. In this case, a scanning service may be needed.

Salt Lake City Document Destruction makes the conversion process simple. Our Utah based contractors have high speed scanning service partners with the expertise to handle this work daily. They organize the files and then destroy them following the scanning process.

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